Dear Participating Contractor,

Thank you for the questions and comments that have come in! Our team is working diligently to provide clarity on the new Program. Read on for current updates to the Improvement Pathway, formally Advanced Home Upgrade.

New HVAC Options for Improvement Pathway

Customers can qualify for Improvement Pathway rebates when they install a minimum of 4 measures, 2 of which are shell, and 1 of which is HVAC. The maintenance pathway measures will now be available to satisfy the HVAC measure requirement.

With this change, customers who are not replacing their HVAC system can still qualify for rebates if they complete 1 or more of the following HVAC measures:

  • ACCA 4 Assessment and Coil Cleaning
  • Refrigerant Charge Adjustment
  • Efficient Fan Delay Installation
  • Blower Motor Retrofit

Desktop Review Corner

Changes to our Desktop Review Process are outlined here. Please note that these changes are temporary and are subject to change.

All picture requirements have been removed. Please note that we can request pictures anytime and advise that pictures should be kept on hand for these types of requests.

Picture Changes

  • Attic Insulation, Floor Insulation, Duct System/Leakage Reduction, Water Heater, and Lighting - Removed picture requirements
  • Heating/Cooling - Removed picture requirement. SOW/AHRI will fill in for pictures.
  • Right-Sized Return - Removed picture requirement. SOW detailing existing and upgraded ducts with calculations will fill in for pictures.
  • Smart T-stat - Removed picture requirement. SOW (Make & Model #) and also can be confirmed on Energy Star website.

Diagnostic Testing Changes

  • Test- in diagnostic testing - Only required when any of the following measures are selected:
    • Duct sealing 5% or 10%
    • Duct Replacement
    • Building Air Sealing 15% or 30%

Documentation Changes

  • Final permit is no longer required on Post-Install applications. If your project is selected for FQC, the final permit will be required.
  • Safety Quality Acknowledgement form is no longer required on Post-Install Application.

Customer Eligibility Reminder

Comfortable Home Rebates is a Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program and is required to follow the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued rules. Customers are required to:

  • Share data with Franklin Energy (Improvement Pathway only) via PG&E's Share My Data
  • Have lived in the home for at least 1 year
  • Plan to live in the home for 2 years after the improvements
  • Have a minimum of 4 measures installed, 2 of which are building shell and 1 is HVAC when participating in the Improvement Pathway

Customers qualify for rebates when improvements yield savings to PG&E-supplied natural gas or electric.


  • The Maintenance Pathway rebate application and the AC unit stickers have been redesigned. Supplies will be available to participating contractors in April.
  • The application Portal for the new Program will undergo some renovations.
  • Closed permits are no longer required for the Improvement Pathway.
  • Picture requirements have been reduced. Photos should still be taken and kept available, as Desktop Review can request copies for clarification.


For further questions please contact: 

Steve Wymer, Senior Manager of Engagement Services, 510-298-5497 Ext  3833