Dear Participating Contractor,

We are continuing our efforts to officially launch Comfortable Home Rebates, and we couldn't do it without you. Your partnership in promoting energy efficiency upgrades is essential to building demand for energy efficiency improvements.

While we update the new website, we will be communicating information regularly by email. Here are important updates to know.

2020 Incentive Structure

Retrofit Pathway

Participation in the Comfortable Home Rebates Program Retrofit Pathway requires a minimum of 4 measures, 2 of which are shell measures, and 1 of which is an HVAC measure.

The Program's Retrofit energy efficiency rebates are differentiated by California Energy Commission (CEC) Climate Zones. Visit our website and enter your Customer's ZIP code to find eligible measures and rebate amounts.

Rebate amounts for the Retrofit Pathway (formerly Advanced Home Upgrade) have not changed.

Maintenance Pathway

Participation in the Comfortable Home Rebates Program Maintenance Pathway requires the completion of the ACCA 4 Assessment and Coil Cleaning measure. Additional measures can be added to a scope of work based on the results of the Assessment. Rebates can help offset the cost of any maintenance performed.

Rebates for select measures were increased this year and will take effect April 1, 2020.

Measure  Prerequisite  Rebate 
 ACCA 4 Assessment and Coil Cleaning
  • All measures must be performed by a Participating Contractor's Qualified Technician 
 Refrigerant Charge Adjustment
  • Completion of the Assessment 
 Efficient Fan Delay Control
  • Completion of the Assessment 
 Blower Motor Replacement
  • Completion of the Assessment 
 Smart Thermostat
  • Completion of the Assessment
  • Installed smart thermostat must be an approved model listed by the Program
 Additional Incentive
  • Completion of the Assessment
  • Completion of at least two (2) Energy Saving Measures by same Participating Contractor 
  • Eligible AC units have not received these measures in the last 2 years.
  • Only Energy Star certified smart thermostats qualify for rebates.
  • Only approved motor and fan delays qualify for rebates. 

 Program Announcements:

  • All Contractors and Independent Building Analysts will be required to sign and submit a new Participation Agreement. Agreements will be available in March.
  • Customer rebate applications for the Maintenance Pathway will be available to Participating Contractors in April.
  • Marketing brochures and homeowner handouts will be available for the new Program soon.

Program Resources: 

  • All Customers participating in the Retrofit Pathway are required to share data with Franklin Energy. Visit to learn more, and check out their Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Retrofit Pathway contractors can download new resources:
    • 2020 CAS form here
    • 2020 Desktop Review Checklist here

For further questions please contact: 

Steve Wymer, Senior Manager of Engagement Services, 510-298-5497 Ext  3833