July 2019

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Upcoming Events and Trainings

Sept. 19, Stockton, CA

This one-day technical training prepares contractors and their staff to participate in the AC Quality Care Rebate Program. Technicians must take this training before any maintenance can be done for the Program. Deadline to register is Friday, September 13.

Day 3 covers Building Energy Science focusing on the Moisture Issues; Refrigerant Charge Verification and Equipment Calibration. This class combines the air flow techniques covered in Day 2 with refrigerant charge skills. Title 24 requirements are included. Day 3 is the third of 5 consecutive days of training, but students may sign up for individual days depending on the agenda.

Expanded List of Approved Smart Thermostats

Approved smart thermostats for the AC Quality Care Program now include Energy Star certified smart thermostats. View the list of approved smart thermostats on our website or visit EnergyStar.gov for the latest list.

Select the Right Thermostat

Smart thermostats have slightly different features to help homeowners save energy. Common ones include geo-fencing and learning temperature preferences. Make sure to select a smart thermostat that is compatible with the heating and cooling system.

Educate homeowners on options with this resource from Energy Star.

Only Existing Systems Qualify for Rebates

AC Quality Care rebates are available to customers with air conditioning units that are at least one year old. Routine maintenance can help existing AC systems perform better and reduces the chance of it breaking down.

AC units less than one year old do not qualify for the Program.

Don't Forget the Condenser Coil

An important part of the assessment requirement is cleaning the condenser coil. The simple act of removing debris and dirt from a condenser can improve both the efficiency of the system and the homeowner's indoor air quality.

The coil can be cleaned using a spray hose. For heavy-duty jobs, you may consider using a condenser coil cleaner.